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7 web design trends in 2023 with real examples

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7 web design trends in 2023 with real examples

What trends in web design will mark 2023? In this article we compile the techniques and visual styles that will help you create a modern and attractive website this year.

Web page design trends

Design has come a long way in recent decades. We are facing a highly competitive scenario, in which users spend more and more time online. Designers are challenged not only to provide a good browsing experience, but also to connect emotionally with people.

To do this, they are pushing the standard limits of creation, incorporating new techniques, such as modern interactions, while updating techniques that have been present in web design for some time, such as the use of gradients.

Thus, in the web design trends of 2023, a retro air can be seen, present in creative ways of using fonts and the orientation towards simple navigation. But, at the same time, we can see how web design is being modernized with the incorporation of techniques such as new interactions and visual effects, such as glasmorphism and the use of grain, for example, in gradients.